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Chief Minister of Punjab Orders to Issue Driving Licenses on Time

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The caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, visited two police centers late at night. He told the officials there to speed up giving out driving licenses. Mohsin Naqvi checked how they were giving out licenses with the Police Chief of Punjab, Dr Usman Anwar.

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He found out that there were problems with the internet at one of the centers, so people were having trouble getting their queue numbers. People also told him they were waiting too long for their licenses. He told the officials to fix everything quickly so that licenses could be given out faster.

Mohsin Naqvi also said they should fix the internet problem right away at the center where it wasn’t working. He said there shouldn’t be any more delays in giving out licenses.

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A lot of people have been rushing to get their driving licenses because of orders from the Lahore High Court. The Lahore City Traffic Police had said they won’t punish people for having expired or foreign licenses.



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