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Police Reveal Lahore’s Most Common Traffic Violation

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The most frequent moving offences in the provincial capital of Lahore during the current year have been made public by the Lahore Traffic Police.

Official data indicates that over 4.8 million people were detected breaking traffic laws. 2.264 million motorcycle riders received fines from the Lahore Traffic Police for operating a vehicle without a helmet in the current year. 

Ammara Athar, the recently hired City Traffic Officer, said that 2,023,000 cars had fines for lane cutting, stop-line violations, and zebra crossing infractions.

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Moreover, 1,200,000 people were discovered to have parked improperly. In addition, 85,000 one-way infractions were observed in the provincial capital. 

The CTO went on to say that fines were imposed on 39,000 people for running red lights, 31,000 for not using seat belts, 48,000 for using a phone while driving, 49,000 for driving dangerously, 4,000 for tinted windows, and 136,000 for several other infractions.

Ammara Athar clarified that the goal of prosecuting those who break traffic laws was to promote order among the populace and guarantee that traffic laws are applied correctly.



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