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Complete Guide of Baboon Top and Valley (Updated)

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Discover the hidden gem of Neelum Valley, where nature’s masterpiece takes centre stage. Plan your next vacation on an unforgettable adventure to the mesmerising Baboon Top and Baboon Valley. This heavenly retreat is hidden in the upper peaks and is ready to captivate your senses and revitalize your desire to travel.

Baboon Top and Valley Attraction:

Baboon Top is a magical place where nature paints a picture of pure beauty. Observe the waterfalls’ gentle flow and stroll through the lush green fields. You will be captivated by the majestic snowy mountain peaks against the blue sky. Baboon Top‘s untouched glaciers add a touch of wonder to this natural haven.

Baboon Top

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just seeking tranquillity, Baboon Top offers a simple yet stunning escape into the heart of Mother Nature’s wonders. Come and experience the joy of this serene paradise, where waterfalls, green fields, and snow-covered peaks come together for an unforgettable adventure.

Baboon top Weather:

Like other parts of the north, the weather in the Baboon Valley is hard to predict. You never know when it will start to rain after being warm for a short time.

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Baboon top and valley Height:

The valley is 3.695 m (12,122 ft) above sea level and is famous for its snow-covered mountains, lush green fields, and waterfalls that just fall into the water. Starting in Domelian town, one must walk up to Baboon Top.

Baboon Top Neelum Valley Location:

Baboon Valle

High up in the Baboon Valley is the road to the top, which is also called Babun Gali. It is not paved at all and is very narrow in some places. You’ll go through water, sharp turns, and a track made of rocks along the way. There are dangerous drop-offs on the road. Needs a 4×4 car.

Baboon Top, near Neelum Valley, is on the upper side of the Keran and Jagran valleys. Because it is so high, the Baboon Valley is green and clean. To get there, you can take the road that goes ahead of Kutton Falls. From Kundal Shahi to Keran, it takes three hours for jeeps to get there.

Baboon Top and Valley Nearby Respites:

Baboon valley | Places to visit, Baboon, Azad kashmir

There are many tents and hotels in Kalka village and Domelian village on the Keran Valley side. In Shaal and Ghural villages on the Jagran side, there are also many tents and hotels. It takes 98 km to get from Muzaffarabad to Baboon from the Jagran side.


Karkah is a lovely, green village inside thick woods. There are some waterfalls and a stream here. There is a small market here where you can buy basic food items. At the moment, there are no hotels there.

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It is a twenty-minute drive from Jeep to Karkah. There is a dense forest with numerous water channels from Jabri Behak in a sub-valley that is between Jabri and Karkah Village

Kandor Stadium:

Jeep leaves ahead of Domaili by fifteen minutes. It is a stunning jungle setting. You may get food and shelter here if you want to camp or spend the night. Every year, teams from throughout Pakistan and other parts of Neelum Kashmir come here to compete in competitions. One night can be spent at their campgrounds. Baboon Valley is one of the must-see locations in Azad Kashmir.

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Jabri Behak:

The Jabri Behak is a beautiful field surrounded by snow-covered peaks, including the famous Ganja Peak, which is 13,200 feet high. You can camp anywhere in this meadow. There is no store or food in the car, but it is easy to get to this spot in good weather. It is easier to take on foot because the path is slippery due to uncertain rainy weather. The walk to Baboon Top, Behak, is an hour longer than the one to Jabri Behak. It is possible to get to Baboon Top from the Kutton Jagran side as well.

Trekking Routes to Baboon Top:

  • From Nagdar Nala, a few kilometres before Keran, there is a 4×4 trail that goes to Karkah village.
  • From the side of Kutton, it takes three hours to get from Kutton to Jagran to Khillun and back again. Walking up to Baboon Top
  • From Keran’s side, go to Nagdar, then take the Jeep Track to Jabri Meadows, and then hike for two hours to get to Baboon Top.

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Fun things to do for fun at Baboon Valley:

There are lots of fun things to do. For example, tourists can walk from Dabba village to Baboon Top, which takes about 6 hours. This place is worth seeing, especially for people who want to enjoy snow, green fields, peace, and quiet all at the same time. If you’re making plans to go to the Neelum Valley, the first place you should go is the Top Baboon Valley.


What is the elevation of the Baboon top?

The high mountain pass called Baboon Top is in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. It is 3.695 m (12,122 ft) above sea level.

How do I get to Baboon Valley?

You can get to the Baboon Valley in two main ways. One starts at Keran and the other at Kutton. It takes 98 miles to get from the Baboon Valley to Muzaffarabad. But the road is dangerous because it hasn’t been built yet.

What are the facts about Baboon Valley?

Baboon Valley is a great place for people who love the outdoors. This valley is even more beautiful because it has waterfalls, fields that are covered in lush greenery, and mountains and glaciers that are covered in snow. Baboon Top, the highest rock in Baboon Valley, is 12,122 feet above sea level.

Where is Ratti Gali Lake?

In the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, there is a frozen lake called Ratti Gali.

Where is the baboon top?

Baboon Top is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.695m (12,122ft) above sea level, located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.

How far is Muzaffarabad from Baboon Top?

You can get to the Baboon Valley in two main ways. One starts at Keran and the other at Kutton. It takes 98 miles to get from the Baboon Valley to Muzaffarabad.

How is the road to Baboon Top?

The road to the top is mostly dirt and very narrow in some places. It’s a rough path with water, sharp turns, and rough patches. There are dangerous drops on the road. A 4×4 car is needed.



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