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Pathika Valley: Gateway to Neelum’s Splendor

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Pathika Valley

Pathika Valley is situated near Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is a beautiful place and is almost 31 kilometres from Muzaffarabad. Pathika Valley is a division of Muzaffarabad. This valley is also known as the entrance to Neelum Valley. It has a highway to link with Dowarian and Kel. This road is used for a safe journey by locators and visitors as well.

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There is a stream behind the store, and the river Neelum makes for a beautiful picture. One can get from Pathika Valley to the market via a bridge, which can be crossed on a motorcycle or bicycle. All around, there are beautiful, lush fields and pastures. Brooks and lakes ran through the valley, and the view will stay with you forever.

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The people who live in Pathika do some things to help their families. There is a market for things that people need at home. The store has almost everything, from fabric to food. All of these things are easy to get. You can also call the valley a town or village. Some jobs happen every day in the market that are regular in the valley.



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