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IMF Update: Pakistan Review Set for January 11th

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) plans to discuss Pakistan’s loan on January 11, 2024. They’re considering giving another $700 million out of a $3 billion loan package. This loan was agreed upon previously, but it needs the final go-ahead from the IMF’s Executive Board.

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The IMF has a schedule of meetings, and Pakistan is on the agenda for January 11. This loan program, which began with $3 billion, is set to finish in April 2024, and there’s still about $1.8 billion that hasn’t been given to Pakistan yet. The first portion, $1.2 billion, was given back in July.

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In November, the IMF staff and Pakistani authorities agreed on the first review for this loan. But before it’s official, the IMF’s Executive Board needs to give the green light. It was supposed to happen earlier, causing some discussions, but now it’s set for January 11.



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