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Exploring New Trade Paths: Pakistan’s Diverse Routes to Central and West Asia

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Pakistan is finding new ways to sell things to countries in Central and West Asia. Some people thought Pakistan could only trade through Afghanistan, but that’s not true. Even though Afghanistan has had a lot of problems, Pakistan has still been able to grow its trade with countries in Central Asia. Last year, it made more than $487 million from this.

Pakistan is doing well because its economy is stable, and it’s using smart ideas to trade more. It’s becoming friends with countries in Central Asia, especially Kazakhstan, and plans to do even more business with them by 2024.

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To show that it doesn’t just rely on Afghanistan, Pakistan has found other ways to trade. It’s using different routes through China, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. These routes take about 13 to 15 days to deliver things.

Pakistan isn’t only looking towards the East; it’s also trying to trade with countries in the West through what’s called the Spice Routes. This way, it can sell things to the Western market too.

A company called the National Logistics Corporation is helping a lot with these trades. They’ve moved tons of things like medicine, clothes, machines, and more. This has also given jobs to many people, which is good for Pakistan’s economy.



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