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Prime Minister’s Gulf Deals and Climate Action Agenda: Pakistan’s High-Stakes Middle East Visit

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, is visiting countries in the Middle East for about a week. He’s going to sign really big deals worth billions of dollars with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait. Also, he’ll be attending a big meeting about climate change organized by the United Nations in Dubai.

He arrived in the UAE on Sunday and will stay there until November 28. After that, he’ll head to Kuwait for two days and then attend the climate conference on December 1 and 2.

During his visits, the Prime Minister will meet with leaders from the UAE and Kuwait and sign agreements about working together on different things.

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In the UAE, he plans to meet the President and sign agreements about things like investing money in energy, ports, cleaning water, making food safer, and other important areas.

In Kuwait, they’re planning to sign agreements to invest $10 billion in Pakistan for seven projects. These projects include making more water reservoirs, protecting the environment, investing in technology, and making sure there’s enough food.

These plans are all part of a group in Pakistan that helps foreign countries invest in Pakistan. They focus on areas like farming, technology, defense, and energy.

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After visiting Kuwait, the Prime Minister will be in Dubai for a big climate conference. He’ll be talking with leaders from different countries about how to deal with climate change. Pakistan wants to make sure that promises made by richer countries about helping poorer countries with climate change are kept.

They’re also pushing for something called a “loss and damage” fund to help countries dealing with the bad effects of climate change. This fund was agreed upon at a meeting last year, but there are still details to figure out.

At the conference, Pakistan will be working with other countries to make sure this fund helps all countries dealing with climate issues. They also want to keep track of how well countries are doing with their plans to fight climate change.

Pakistan will remind richer countries about a promise they made to give $100 billion every year to help poorer countries fight climate change. They’ll talk about the need for everyone to work together to make the planet safer from climate problems.



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