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Karachi Kings PSL 9 2024: Full Squad, Draft Picks, And Complete Players List

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The Karachi Kings, gearing up for the PSL 9 2024, recently participated in the player draft on December 13th. In their quest for a formidable team, the Kings made strategic moves after facing challenging seasons following their 2020 PSL victory.

Trading Shan Masood, the esteemed brand ambassador and captain of the Pakistan Test team, marked a significant change for Karachi Kings. Joining the team are pivotal players Hasan Ali and Tabraiz Shamsi, adding depth and skill to the roster. Additionally, Shoaib Malik remains an integral part of the team, continuing his role as a player-mentor in the upcoming PSL 2024 season.

The Karachi Kings are diligently crafting a robust lineup in preparation for the forthcoming season, aiming to reclaim their position as a dominant force in the league.

Pre-draft picks for Karachi Kings in PSL 9 2024

Karachi Kings made notable pre-draft selections for the PSL 2024 season, securing impactful players to strengthen their squad. They acquired talents like James Vince from England, Hasan Ali, and Shan Masood from Pakistan, all in the high-value Diamond and Gold categories. Additionally, the retention of Shoaib Malik and the inclusion of Tabraiz Shamsi further solidified their lineup.

Player NameCategoryCountryRole
James VinceDiamondEnglandBatter
Hasan AliDiamondPakistanBowler
Shan MasoodBrand Ambassador (Gold)PakistanBatter
Shoaib MalikGoldPakistanAll-Rounder
Tabraiz ShamsiGoldSouth AfricaBowler
Mir HamzaSilverPakistanBowler
Muhammad AkhlaqSilverPakistanWicketkeeper
Muhammad Irfan KhanEmergingPakistanBatter

Karachi Kings PSL 9 2024 Draft Picks

In the subsequent draft, Karachi Kings made key selections, starting with the acquisition of Kieron Pollard from the West Indies, setting the tone for their draft strategy. They bolstered their roster by signing Daniel Sams from Australia and Mohammad Nawaz from Pakistan. Tim Seifert also joined their ranks, adding depth to their squad.

Furthermore, the Kings invested in promising young talent for the upcoming season by securing Mohammad Amir Khan, Anwar Ali, and Arafat Minhas in the Silver category. These additions aim to infuse energy and potential into the team, ensuring a well-rounded and competitive roster for the PSL 2024.

The Karachi Kings team for the 2024 PSL includes players like Shoaib Malik, Tim Seifert, Hasan Ali, and more. They have all-rounders like Kieron Pollard, Daniel Sams, and Anwar Ali from different countries like West Indies, Australia, and Pakistan. There are also players like Tim Seifert, who’s a wicketkeeper from New Zealand, and bowlers such as Mohammad Amir Khan and Sirajuddin, both from Pakistan. Saad Baig is another wicketkeeper, while Jamie Overton, an all-rounder, comes from England. The team is set with a mix of talented players with different skills from around the world!

  • Shoaib Malik
  • Tim Seifert
  • Hasan Ali
  • Daniel Sams
  • Arafat Minhas
  • James Vince
  • Kieron Pollard
  • Anwar Ali
  • Shan Masood
  • Tabraiz Shamsi
  • Jamie Overton
  • Mohammad Amir Khan
  • Mir Hamza
  • Muhammad Ikhlaq
  • Sirajuddin
  • Saad Baig
  • Muhammad Irfan Khan
  • Mohammad Nawaz

This roster showcases a blend of experienced veterans and promising talents, aiming to make Karachi Kings a strong contender in the upcoming PSL season.

Karachi Kings PSL 9 2024: Full Squad

Shoaib Malik, Tim Seifert, Hasan Ali, Daniel Sams, Arafat Minhas, James Vince, Kieron Pollard, Anwar Ali, Shan Masood, Tabraiz Shamsi, Jamie Overton, Mohammad Amir Khan, Mir Hamza, Muhammad Ikhlaq, Sirajuddin, Saad Baig, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Mohammad Nawaz Khan, Mohammad Nawaz Khan, Mohammad Nawaz



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