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Massive fines for traffic violations in 2024

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NH&MP has announced significant updates to the fines for traffic violations, set to take effect from January 1st, 2024. The National Highways and Motorways Police are rolling out a revamped fine system covering all vehicle categories across the extensive network of National Highways and Motorways under their purview.

The initial phase, launched on October 1st, 2023, primarily targeted motorways, Hazara, and Swat Motorway, resulting in increased fines for cars and Jeeps.

Under the updated fine structure, diverse penalties will be imposed for various traffic offenses: Motorcyclists breaching speed limits will face a fine of Rs1,500, while car drivers will incur a penalty of Rs2,500.

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Public service vehicles (PSVs) will encounter a Rs10,000 fine, and goods vehicles will be liable for a penalty of Rs5,000 for exceeding speed limits.

Careless driving will attract fines of Rs1,500 for motorcyclists, car drivers, and light transport vehicle (LTV) operators, while heavy transport vehicles (HTV) will face a Rs5,000 penalty.

Driving without a license will result in a Rs5,000 fine for motorcycle riders, car drivers, and LTV operators, with PSVs and goods vehicles (HTV) facing a Rs10,000 penalty.

Additionally, overloading cargo vehicles will draw a Rs10,000 fine, and failing to yield to emergency vehicles will result in a Rs5,000 fine across all traffic categories. Exceeding passenger limits in PSVs will incur a Rs5,000 fine.

Other fines include Rs1,000 for motorcyclists not wearing helmets, Rs1,500 for cars and LTVs lacking seat belts, and Rs3,000 for passengers and heavy vehicles without seat belts.

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Mobile phone violations will lead to a Rs500 fine for motorcyclists and car drivers, Rs2,000 for LTVs, and Rs5,000 for passenger carriers and heavy vehicles.

Unregistered motorcycles, cars, and LTVs will face a Rs2,000 fine, while passenger carriers and heavy vehicles will incur a Rs5,000 penalty. Moreover, fines for all other traffic law violations listed in the 12th schedule will witness an increase from January 1st, 2024.

Inspector General Sultan Ali Khawaja emphasized that this revision aims to prioritize passenger safety and ensure strict enforcement of traffic regulations.



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