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Rawalpindi’s Focus on Ring Road Project Amid Election Season: Budget Allocations and Development Initiatives

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In Rawalpindi, the local authority, RDA, is focusing mainly on a big project called the Ring Road. This is happening as elections get closer.

The government has set aside 6 billion rupees for RDA from November to February. This money is specifically for building things, along with the existing 6 billion rupees for buying land for the Ring Road. The total cost for this Ring Road project is about 33.7 billion rupees. Out of this, 27 billion is for building and 6.7 billion is for buying land. RDA is also fixing up the 6th Road Metro Bus Station, spending about 99 million rupees. This repair work wasn’t planned before but was requested by the government.

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Even though RDA suggested five other projects, they only got money for the Ring Road. The government also allocated 1 million rupees for four months to get land for a water supply project from Daducha Dam. This project is managed by Wasa and has a total budget of 900 million rupees. Its goal is to set up filtration plants and bring water from Daducha Dam to the city. Also, 19 million rupees have been given for two Wasa projects: 18 million for fixing the sewer system in Satellite Town and nearby areas, and 1 million for a big project worth 5.195 billion rupees. This last project will build sewage treatment plants and lines near Rawal Lake, and the Punjab government will cover 35% of the costs.



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