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Challenges in Lahore: Air Quality Concerns Resurface

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Lahore, home to over 13 million people, finds itself grappling once again with severe air pollution after a brief respite over the weekend. The city has landed second on the list of the most polluted cities globally, trailing behind New Delhi, with an average Air Quality Index (AQI) of around 400 in several areas.

On Tuesday morning, Upper Mall along Canal Road registered the most alarming air quality, scoring an AQI of 444. Gulberg at 430, Ghazi Road at 407, and Garden Town at 400 were close behind.

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The local health department has issued advisories urging citizens to take precautions, especially when stepping outdoors, due to these hazardous air conditions.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the city was shrouded in light smog and fog, leading to the closure of sections of the motorway. Both the Lahore-Sheikhupura section of the M2 motorway and the Peshawar-Swabi section had to be closed due to poor visibility caused by fog and smog.
The situation prompted the Punjab government to initiate a four-day smart lockdown in eight districts last week to tackle air pollution.
However, the decision was revoked after rain showers on Friday provided temporary relief.

These recurring challenges with air quality highlight the pressing need for sustainable measures to combat pollution and protect the health of Lahore’s residents.



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