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Court orders stay against Imran Khan’s trial in cipher case

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The Islamabad High Court has ordered a halt on PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s trial in the cipher case following appeals for an open court trial and the appointment of a specific judge under the Official Secrets Act. Justices Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb and Saman Riffat heard the appeals and set the next hearing for Thursday, requesting a comprehensive record of why the jail trial was initiated.

During the proceedings, the court turned down the attorney general’s request to continue without a stay, highlighting concerns about the appointment process of the anti-terrorism court judge. Justice Aurangzeb emphasized that while the trial of a former prime minister in the Indira Gandhi case was conducted in jail, it allowed media coverage, unlike the current case.

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The court underscored that family attendance didn’t define an open court and criticized the non-transparency in filing charges for the cipher case. The attorney general mentioned the federal cabinet’s approval for the jail trial, but the court asserted that all trials should occur in open court, deeming this case as extraordinary.

Consequently, the court adjourned the proceedings until November 16th.



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