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Gold prices in Pakistan have risen slightly

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The recent movement in gold prices within Pakistan has seen a marginal uptick, with the price of 24-karat gold per tola reaching Rs212,800.
For those interested in smaller quantities, a 10-gram portion of 24-karat gold is available at Rs182,442, while a similar quantity of 22-karat gold can be obtained for Rs167,238.

Interestingly, despite a slight increase in gold prices within Pakistan, the international market reflects a dip, currently standing at $1,965 per ounce.

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It’s important to note the dynamic nature of gold rates in Pakistan, which can fluctuate multiple times throughout the day in response to global market trends.

These rates are gleaned from credible sources predominantly situated in Karachi and Multan, providing a snapshot of the prevailing gold rates in these areas.

For the most accurate and timely information on gold rates tailored to your local market, it’s advisable to consult with nearby gold dealers and jewelers who stay updated on these fluctuations.



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