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SHC Suspends PEMRA Ban on Imran Khan’s Speeches Amid Legal Discontent

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The Sindh High Court has stepped in to challenge the ban imposed by PEMRA on broadcasting speeches by Imran Khan, the PTI chairman. They’ve suspended this ban, expressing dissatisfaction with the absence of legal representation from the federal government. This move comes after PEMRA’s ban citing Imran Khan’s alleged use of provocative language against state institutions.

Additionally, an Islamabad accountability court issued arrest warrants for Imran Khan in the Toshakhana and Al-Qadir Trust cases. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) sought immediate compliance with the warrants, aiming for arrest today and providing Khan with an explanation for his arrest.

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Meanwhile, Bushra Bibi, the former first lady, faced an 11-question questionnaire from NAB concerning the Al-Qadir Trust case during her appearance at the NAB Rawalpindi office. The questions revolved around her association with Farah Gogi, the establishment of Al-Qadir Trust, financial affairs, and interactions with Malik Riaz.

Overall, the legal tussle involving Imran Khan’s ban, arrest warrants, and Bushra Bibi’s NAB questioning paints a complex legal landscape in Pakistan’s political sphere.



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