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The Pakistani government has issued a warning about hackers targeting iPhone users

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The Cabinet Division has released a cyber security advisory cautioning Apple iPhone users in Pakistan about potential threats from the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. The advisory reveals that hackers have exploited Apple’s iMessage feature, using the Blast Pass exploit (CVE-2023-41061 and CVE-2023-41064) to deploy this zero-day, zero-click malware.

Blast Pass is a sophisticated exploit that can infect the latest iPhone operating system versions (up to 16.6) without any user interaction. In response to this, Apple has issued a remedial advisory to safeguard its users. They have also implemented alerts to notify users if they are targeted by the NSO Pegasus spyware or state-sponsored attackers.

To safeguard themselves against the Blast Pass exploit and other cyber threats. Apple users in Pakistan are advised to take specific safety measures:

  1. Update to the latest iOS version (16.6.1 or higher) to receive essential security updates.
  2.  Optionally, enable lockdown mode for enhanced protection against Blast Pass attacks.
  3.  Disable the iMessage feature on iPhones.

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Additionally, users are encouraged to follow these generic security steps:

  1. Use strong passcodes and enable two-factor authentication for Apple IDs.
  2.  Download apps from the official Apple Store to avoid malware.
  3.  Employ anonymity-based solutions while surfing the internet and protect the identities of key individuals.
  4.  Always disable location services on Apple devices.
  5.  Subscribe to Apple’s security bulletinsthreat notifications, and automatic OS updates.
  6. When using phones in sensitive areas or during important meetings, use caution.

Taking these precautions will help iPhone users in Pakistan stay safe from potential cyber threats and protect their sensitive information.

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