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Pakistan Telecom Sector Gears Up for Swift Dispute Resolution with Telecom Tribunal Ordinance

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The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication has drafted an ordinance to establish a Telecom Tribunal to expedite the resolution of disputes and cases within Pakistan’s telecom sector. This initiative is set to enhance the efficiency of conflict resolution processes in the industry.

The Ministry of Law has vetted the draft law and is now awaiting approval from the federal government. However, due to the Senate being in session, the final approval can only be granted once the Senate session is adjourned indefinitely.

The proposed Telecom Tribunal will consist of three members:

  • A High Court Judge or an individual with equivalent legal experience as the chairman
  • A technical expert
  • A financial expert

This tribunal is expected to streamline the adjudication of cases and alleviate the burden on regular courts, ensuring swifter dispute resolution in the telecom sector.

Once the Senate session concludes, the ordinance will be sent for approval, and it will become effective following endorsement from the Federal Cabinet and the President. This development holds promise for faster and more efficient resolution of telecom-related disputes and cases in Pakistan.

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