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Mastercard and Fatima Fertilizer Join Hands to Modernize Agriculture Payment Methods

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Fatima Fertilizer has teamed up with Mastercard to revolutionize Pakistan’s agricultural landscape. This partnership’s core mission is to promote financial inclusion among farmers and modernize the agricultural sector.

This collaboration will harness cutting-edge technology to digitize payment transactions across a vast network of fertilizer dealers and farmers throughout Pakistan. The ultimate goal is to boost agricultural efficiency and productivity, thereby enhancing the nation’s food security and overall stability.

In addition to digital payments, the partnership will introduce innovative agricultural practices and technologies aimed at increasing per-acre yield and improving farmers’ economic well-being. This multi-faceted approach seeks to elevate the social and economic prosperity of Pakistani farmers, positioning them as crucial contributors to the nation’s food security.

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Rabel Sadozai, Director of Marketing and Sales at Fatima Fertilizer, underscored their commitment to modernize Pakistan’s agricultural sector and ensure the financial inclusion of farmers. Arslan Khan, Vice President and Country Business Manager in Pakistan at Mastercard, emphasized the significance of this partnership in their mission to bring millions of micro, small, and medium enterprises into the digital economy by 2025. Together, they aim to empower smallholder farmers, advance Sustainable Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger), and improve lives in farming communities.

This collaboration represents a vital milestone in enhancing the financial well-being of Pakistani farmers and strengthening the nation’s agricultural supply chain. Through the introduction of digital payment solutions and the promotion of financial inclusion, Fatima Fertilizer and Mastercard are jointly working towards driving growth, efficiency, and prosperity in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

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