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Sindh CM Unveils Rs22.5 Billion Ramadan Relief Package

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In a proactive move to alleviate financial burdens and ensure price stability during the holy month of Ramadan, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah presided over a crucial meeting in Karachi focusing on price control measures.

During the meeting, CM Shah announced a significant Rs22.5 billion Ramadan package aimed at providing relief to the populace. As part of this initiative, it was decided that 60% of Sindh’s population, approximately 4.5 million minimum wage families, would receive Rs5,000 in cash assistance during Ramadan.

In addition to financial assistance, the chief minister emphasized the necessity of cracking down on hoarders and profiteers who exploit increased demand during Ramadan to unfairly inflate prices. Stringent measures will be implemented immediately to curb such practices and ensure price stability throughout the holy month.

CM Shah also issued directives to guarantee uninterrupted electricity supply during Sehr and Iftar, aiming to minimize inconvenience for residents observing fasts.

The unveiling of this relief package and the crackdown on price gouging underscore the government’s commitment to supporting the people of Sindh during Ramadan. As preparations intensify for the holy month, authorities are taking proactive steps to ensure that residents can observe Ramadan with peace of mind and financial stability.



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