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Pakistan Army Doctors Extend Lifesaving Aid to Flood Victims in Gwadar

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Amid the chaos and devastation caused by the recent floods in Gwadar district, the valiant efforts of Pakistan Army‘s doctors have emerged as a beacon of hope for the affected communities.

Deployed as mobile medical teams, these dedicated professionals are working tirelessly to provide essential medical assistance to those grappling with the aftermath of the disaster.

In the midst of flooded landscapes and displaced populations, these medical camps serve as symbols of resilience, offering vital healthcare services to thousands in need.

Among the frontline responders are Dr. Zainab and Dr. Afshan, esteemed members of the Pakistan Army, who exemplify the spirit of humanitarianism through their selfless service. Despite the challenges, they remain steadfast in their mission to alleviate the suffering of their fellow citizens.

With their unwavering dedication, Dr. Zainab and Dr. Afshan have treated over 1500 patients, delivering critical medical aid and free medicines to those in distress.

Dr. Zainab’s sentiment echoes the collective determination of the medical teams, affirming, “The people of Gwadar are our own; they needed us, and it was my duty to assist.”

In collaboration with civil authorities, the Pakistan Army’s medical teams are working tirelessly to address the health risks exacerbated by the floods, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services for the affected communities.

For Dr. Afshan, each passing day is marked by a resolute commitment to prioritize the most vulnerable, including the elderly, women, and children, as she stands in solidarity with the people of Gwadar during this challenging time.



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