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Terrorists Arrested with Explosives and Adiala Jail Map in Rawalpindi

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In a significant development, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) announced the apprehension of three terrorists in Rawalpindi, accompanied by the recovery of a detailed map of Adiala Jail, a hand grenade, and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from their possession. Rawalpindi City Police Officer (CPO) Khalid Hamdani revealed that the authorities also seized automatic weapons and ammunition during the operation.

The arrest prompted an immediate response, with law enforcement agencies launching a comprehensive search operation in the vicinity of Adiala Jail, where Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan is currently detained. The individuals in custody are reported to be of Afghan origin, underscoring the transnational nature of the security threat.

This incident follows closely on the heels of a prior security scare on November 7, 2023, when a suspicious bag containing an explosive device was discovered near Adiala Road in Gorakhpur, Rawalpindi. The proximity of such incidents to the jail, particularly ahead of significant hearings, underscores the ongoing security challenges faced by authorities.

Concerns regarding the safety of high-profile detainees like Imran Khan have been paramount, prompting heightened security measures during all court proceedings held within prison premises. Imran Khan’s transfer to Adiala Jail from Attock on September 26, following an order by the Islamabad High Court, was executed with meticulous security arrangements, including a substantial police convoy and armoured vehicles.

As investigations into the arrested individuals continue, the authorities remain vigilant to ensure the safety and security of all detainees and the general public in Rawalpindi and beyond.



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