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PTI Vows Action Against Turncoat Lawmakers: Allegiance Switching Under Scrutiny

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced its determination to crack down on members of the National and provincial assemblies who have shifted their political allegiances. With references set to be formally submitted to the speakers of the respective assemblies, PTI aims to hold accountable more than 20 lawmakers who have changed sides.

Malik Ahmad Bhachar, the Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly from the Sunni Ittehad Council, underscored the significance of upholding political integrity and adherence to party principles. He emphasized that such disloyalty not only undermines democratic values but also contradicts the essence of true representation.

The references, according to Bhachar, will be submitted for review by the speakers of the assemblies. However, he emphasized that if the speakers fail to take action, recourse will be sought through judicial intervention.

Launching an inquiry into the matter, Bhachar affirmed the commitment to expose those engaging in opportunistic political maneuvers by switching loyalties. The decision to pursue action against turncoat lawmakers is grounded in the constitutional provisions outlined in articles 62 and 63, which define the qualifications and disqualifications for assembly members.

Under these constitutional mandates, individuals who switch their allegiances are deemed ineligible for assembly membership. PTI’s move underscores its determination to uphold the principles of democratic governance and integrity within the political landscape.



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