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Ghulam Nabi Memon Returns as Sindh IG: A Second Stint Paving the Way for Police Reform

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Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon has been appointed once again to lead the Sindh Police, marking his second tenure in this pivotal role. This reinstatement comes with the federal government’s approval, affirming Memon’s reputation and effectiveness in law enforcement.

Memon, a distinguished grade 21 officer of the Police Service of Pakistan, brings with him a legacy of transformative initiatives. Notably, during his previous term, Memon spearheaded significant reforms within the police department, earning accolades for his innovative strategies.

One of Memon’s hallmark contributions was the introduction of the Talaash App, revolutionizing how law enforcement combats crime by centralizing data on criminals. This technological innovation proved instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing efforts.

Moreover, Memon’s proactive approach towards tackling societal challenges was evident in his restructuring of the police department along modern lines. This overhaul included the establishment of specialized units to address issues such as violence against women and the proliferation of narcotics.

Under Memon’s leadership, the Sindh Police embarked on rigorous operations to dismantle criminal networks. His unwavering commitment to maintaining the rule of law saw the apprehension and disciplinary action against officers found to be complicit with criminal elements.

One of the most notable endeavors during Memon’s tenure was the targeted operation against dacoits in the Katcha area of Sindh. His hands-on supervision of this operation underscored his dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the province’s residents.

As Memon reassumes his role as Inspector General, anticipation mounts for further advancements in policing standards and the continued pursuit of justice under his capable leadership.



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