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Profit rates on National Savings Schemes have increased

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The government has significantly changed the profit rates of various national savings certificates and schemes. In a notable move, the profit rates for Regular Income Certificates (RIC), Savings Accounts (SA), and Short Term Savings Certificates (STSC) have been increased by up to 100 basis points (bps). RIC now offers a 16.1 percent return, SA provides a 20.5 percent return, and STSC offers a 21.8 percent return.

Conversely, the rates of profit for Special Savings Certificates (SSC), Behbood Savings Certificates (BSC), and Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA) have been revised downwards. BSC and PBA now offer a 16.3 percent return, with a decrease of 24 bps, while SSC offers an 18 percent return, down 20 bps. Importantly, the rates for Defense Saving Certificates (DSC) remain unchanged.

These adjustments in profit rates reflect the government’s efforts to balance returns on national savings schemes, aiming to provide competitive and attractive options for investors while ensuring fiscal sustainability.

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