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FBR Affirms Transparency in Tax Audit Selection for 2011

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Member Audit declared the transparency of the audit selection process for the tax year 2011, emphasizing compliance with legal frameworks.

After prolonged litigation between taxpayers and the FBR, the FBR Member Audit issued an order, aiming to resolve cases selected for audit in 2011 that had been tangled in legal disputes for an extended period.

The order reaffirms that the audit selection process was conducted justly, fairly, and transparently, aligning with legal protocols and not breaching constitutional or procedural boundaries.

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Following the Lahore High Court’s directives stemming from challenges to the audit selection process for Tax Year 2011, the FBR initiated a fresh selection, complying with court guidelines by employing computer balloting based on specific parameters.

While petitions and appeals were lodged by aggrieved parties before Review Panels and the Lahore High Court, the matter was referred back to the FBR, which led to the constitution of a High Powered Audit Commission to resolve disputes related to audit case selection.

The “High Powered Commission” decided to ensure uniformity and non-discrimination among taxpayers selected for audit in Tax Year 2011, applying an Audit Policy uniformly to all such cases, including those highlighted in the Lahore High Court’s judgment.

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Additionally, the Supreme Court, in its judgment regarding the formulation of an Audit Policy, asserted that the power to select audits through random or parametric balloting is within the purview of the law.

The FBR Member Audit underscored that while courts may provide guidance, policy-making falls under the jurisdiction of the Board, emphasizing the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution and stressing the Board’s mandate in devising policies.



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