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Pakistan Coast Guards Crack Down on Narcotics Smuggling, Seize Millions Worth of Contraband

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In a concerted effort to combat smuggling and drug trafficking, the Pakistan Coast Guards have launched intensified operations in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. These efforts aim to eradicate the scourge of narcotics from the country and ensure the security of coastal routes.

Recent operations conducted by the Pakistan Coast Guards have yielded significant results, with the seizure of millions worth of narcotics, primarily heroin, from various locations spanning the Gwadar district to coastal areas. The crackdown targeted clandestine smuggling activities along the sea route, aiming to disrupt drug trafficking networks operating in the region.

During these operations, a substantial quantity of contraband items was confiscated, including 336 kilograms of cannabis, 4912 kilograms of betel nuts, and 45,005 kilograms of mixed gutka. Additionally, large quantities of cigarettes, cloth, bakery products, and everyday use items were seized.

The crackdown also resulted in the confiscation of various vehicles, spare parts, and significant amounts of Iranian petrol and diesel. These seizures underscore the Pakistan Coast Guards’ commitment to curbing smuggling activities and ensuring the security and stability of coastal regions.

Through these concerted efforts, the Pakistan Coast Guards are sending a clear message that smuggling and drug trafficking will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



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