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October Inflation Report: Did Prices Rise or Fall? Insights from the Statistics Department

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The Statistics Department has released its monthly report on inflation, revealing a significant increase of 0.18% in October. The current fiscal year’s first four months witnessed inflation rates reaching 28.48%, while October recorded a slightly lower rate of 26.89%.

Urban areas experienced a 1.07% rise in inflation, while rural regions saw a 1.10% increase during October.

The price of onions surged by 38.71%, and fresh vegetables witnessed a 17.74% hike in prices for the month.

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In other news, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court will not preside over a two-member bench today.

Prices for fruits and essential items also saw notable changes, with apples increasing by 6.49%, eggs by 6.05%, potatoes by 3.72%, and fish by 3%.

Moreover, sugar prices decreased by 10.23%, tomatoes by 3.11%, mung beans by 2.05%, flour by 1.87%, and fresh milk by 1.73% over the course of the month.

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