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Islamabad’s Multibillion-Rupee Projects Are Finally Ready for Heavy Traffic

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In a significant development for Islamabad’s infrastructure, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Anwarul Haq, has issued directives to open the Bhara Kahu bypass and Karnal Sher Khan Road for heavy traffic. These projects, involving billions of rupees in investment, were previously restricted due to technical issues and safety concerns.

Initially, the closure of the Bhara Kahu bypass was attributed to its challenging turns, posing risks for fast-moving heavy vehicles. However, the CDA has devised solutions involving the installation of speed breakers, signage, and the deployment of traffic police to ensure safer navigation.

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Similarly, issues on Karnal Sher Khan Road, particularly regarding a flyover near Sabzi Mandi, led to the restriction of heavy traffic. The road’s landing on regular lanes instead of designated ones for heavy vehicles caused congestion, attributed to encroachments on both sides. The CDA’s plan involves clearing these encroachments to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

Aside from these developments, the CDA also discussed progress on other projects like the expansion of Park Road and the road segment from Sector D-12 to Sector E-11. The latter is nearing completion and is slated to open for traffic soon.

These initiatives mark a concerted effort by the CDA to address infrastructure challenges and ensure efficient traffic management across various key areas in Islamabad.



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