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Ministry of Interior Imposes Ban on Arms Sales Across Pakistan

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The Ministry of Interior has just rolled out a sweeping nationwide ban on arms sales, signaling a monumental shift in the country’s approach to firearm transactions. In a bold move, they’ve issued a definitive proclamation that arms, except those originating from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, won’t be validated through dealer receipts.

Notably, this ban extends its reach across every nook and cranny of the nation, leaving no room for exceptions. The Ministry’s directive specifically targets arms dealers, placing stringent restrictions on the sale of what’s classified as prohibited bore weaponry.

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Under these new regulations, arms categorized as prohibited bore can now only change hands between licensed holders. The catch? These license holders are now obligated to source their firearms exclusively from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory. Any purchase from other dealers will render the arms license null and void.

In a move toward centralized control, the Ministry is determined to streamline arms transactions. Licenses will now be exclusively issued for firearms procured from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, enforcing a comprehensive and unified system for handling firearm acquisitions.

This sweeping initiative by the Ministry isn’t just about imposing bans; it’s a strategic move aimed at tightening the reins on arms sales. By ensuring that every transaction adheres strictly to regulations, they’re striving to pave the way for a more secure and regulated landscape in the acquisition of firearms.



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