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UAE Dirham weakens against Pakistani Rupee

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The recent shift in the exchange rate between the UAE Dirham (AED) and the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has sparked considerable attention within Pakistan’s currency market. Presently, the AED stands at Rs77.17 against the PKR, marking a decline of Rs1.12 from its previous rate of Rs78.29.

This alteration in the AED to PKR rates is garnering widespread interest due to its implications within the financial landscape. It’s important to note that while the interbank conversion rate is currently at Rs77.17, the rates in the open market may differ for both buying and selling.

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This fluctuation exemplifies the dynamic nature of the market and the multitude of economic factors influencing currency exchange rates. Individuals and businesses involved in international transactions closely monitor these changes, as they significantly impact their financial operations.

The continuous shifts in the AED to PKR rates serve as a vital point of interest in the financial sector, reflecting the ever-evolving dynamics of global economies and their interconnectedness.



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