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US Extends Hand to New Pakistani Leadership, Hails “Milestone” in Women’s Empowerment

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The United States has expressed its willingness to collaborate with the newly elected Pakistani government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. This comes amidst a historic shift in Pakistani politics with Maryam Nawaz becoming the first woman Chief Minister of Punjab province.

Following Sharif’s swearing-in ceremony, the US State Department reiterated its commitment to the long-standing partnership between the two nations. Spokesperson Mathew Miller emphasized the American vision of a “strong, prosperous, and democratic Pakistan” as crucial to shared US-Pakistani interests. He further stated that the US would continue “advancing these shared interests” with the new government.

Beyond reaffirming its partnership, the US acknowledged the significance of Maryam Nawaz’s victory in the Punjab Assembly elections. Miller termed her selection as “a milestone in Pakistani politics.” He highlighted the US’s desire to work with Pakistan on “integrating women more fully into the country’s political life, in the economy, and other decision-making spaces.”

This statement underscores the US’s support for women’s empowerment in Pakistan. Miller emphasized that an inclusive Pakistan, with women participating fully in various sectors, would ultimately benefit the entire nation. He expressed the US’s appreciation for “cracks in the glass ceiling anywhere in the world,” signifying its broader stance on promoting gender equality globally.

The US’s response to the developments in Pakistan reflects its strategic interests in the region and its commitment to promoting democratic values and women’s empowerment. As both nations navigate the evolving political landscape, collaboration on areas of shared interest, while acknowledging Pakistan’s internal progress, could pave the way for a stronger US-Pakistan relationship.



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