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Updates on Winter vacations Across Punjab’s Educational Institutes

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According to an official notification, the winter hiatus for all non-formal schools in the province is scheduled from January 1 to January 10.

Moreover, a directive has been issued to ensure compliance with the aforementioned break, with classes set to resume on January 11.

Updates on Winter Breaks Across Punjab's Educational Institutes

Contrasting information has emerged about potential extensions to holidays for all educational institutions in Punjab. This speculation stemmed from a Lahore High Court (LHC) order, instructing the provincial government to extend the winter vacations. However, the School Education Department has yet to release an official notification.

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Social media buzz amplified rumours of extended holidays, triggered by individuals, including teachers, sharing unconfirmed notifications from the Literacy Department. The lack of official endorsement has led to confusion regarding the status of the winter break.

An official from the department mentioned that they will issue a notification after the provincial government’s approval, aiming to clarify the situation.



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