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Unusual Heatwave Hits Karachi at 36°C

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In an unexpected turn of weather events, Karachi, the bustling coastal city in southern Pakistan, is experiencing an extraordinary heatwave. The temperature has reached a scorching 36°C today. While Karachi is known for its varied weather patterns, such high heat in early November is quite rare. Currently, it’s a sweltering 28°C, and even though there are some clouds, it offers little relief to the city’s residents.

RealFeel® temperature closely matches the actual reading at 28°C, but if you’re in the shade, the RealFeel ShadeTM temperature drops slightly to 27°C, providing a bit of respite from the intense heat.

Daytime Forecast:

The forecast for the day predicts a high of 36°C and a RealFeel® temperature of 37°C, turning the city into an oven. There’s abundant sunshine with a moderate UV index of 5, so sun protection is essential.

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A gentle wind from the WSW at 7 km/h brings some relief, although occasional gusts of up to 32 km/h may stir things up. Fortunately, the chance of rain is only 1%, and thunderstorms are not expected. Expect minimal cloud cover at 4% during the day.

Nighttime Conditions:

As the sun sets, Karachi can finally breathe easier, with temperatures cooling down to a low of 22°C. The RealFeel® temperature drops to 21°C, and some relief will come from a light wind blowing from the WNW at 7 km/h. The chances of rain remain low at 1%, promising a clear and pleasant night.

This unusual meteorological phenomenon in Karachi has certainly captured the world’s attention, reminding us of the ever-surprising nature of our planet’s climate. Stay safe, stay hydrated, and enjoy this unique weather experience!

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