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Raiwand Ijtima 2023 Ends with a Emotional Prayer

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The first part of the three-day Tableeghi Ijtima in Raiwind came to an end on Sunday with a special prayer led by Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim. The focus of this prayer was on the well-being and unity of Pakistan and the Muslim world.

Thousands of attendees, both from Pakistan and abroad, gathered in Raiwind, which is about 36 kilometers from Lahore. The day began early, with a large crowd assembling for the special prayer, starting at 8:45 AM and concluding at 9:05 AM. Before the collective supplication, Maulana Muhammad Khurshid guided the participants on the proper way to offer their prayers.

Maulana Ibrahim led a heartfelt closing prayer, asking for forgiveness, peace, unity, and adherence to Islamic teachings. Over 500,000 people took part in these prayers, leading to some traffic congestion as they left the event. However, efficient security and traffic management were in place, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the authorities. The Lahore Chief Police Officer expressed gratitude to all the officers involved and emphasized the cooperation of citizens and the media. The first phase of the Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtima concluded successfully, ensuring a smooth continuation in the upcoming phases.

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