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Sindh High Court Issues Notice to PTA Over Contempt Petition Regarding Closure of X

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The Sindh High Court has issued a notice to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in response to a contempt petition regarding the closure of the social media app “X.” The court expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a compelling explanation from the PTA regarding the app’s closure and emphasized the chairman’s potential exposure to contempt of court proceedings. Additionally, the court extended the stay order on the app’s services and directed the issuance of copies of court directives to relevant stakeholders, including the federal government and the PTA. Despite the court’s orders, the app’s services remain suspended, prompting concerns about compliance with judicial directives. Counsel Abdul Moiz Jafri stressed the importance of adhering to the court’s rulings and promptly restoring the app’s services. The court has also requested responses from the Ministry of Interior and the PTA before the next hearing, demonstrating its commitment to addressing the issue comprehensively and ensuring transparency and accountability in the process.



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