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Ring Road Project To Improve Quality Of Life

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Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta stated that the Rawalpindi Ring Road project has the potential to bring about significant positive changes, including enhanced travel infrastructure and improved quality of life for the local residents through job opportunities. He addressed stakeholders during a consultation session focused on establishing wholesale markets and industrial zones within the proposed Economic Zones along the Ring Road at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce (RCCI). Chatta emphasized that this project primarily benefits the residents by providing them with various advantages upon its completion.

During the session, Nader Ali and Imran Shah from the Urban Unit in Lahore provided a comprehensive presentation to RCCI members. They explained that the site plan for Rawalpindi aims to stimulate business activities in the area, leading to increased employment opportunities. Additionally, they highlighted the project’s preference for promoting high-rise buildings over vertical building spread to manage population density as the city expands.

The Rawalpindi Chamber made a request to Commissioner Chatta to swiftly implement Section IV to regulate prices in the proposed Ring Road Industrial Zones and prevent encroachments.

RCCI President Saqib Rafiq clarified that the purpose of the briefing was to inform stakeholders about site development zones and gather their input. He acknowledged the unfortunate delay in the ring road project but expressed hope that it would be completed within the nine-month timeline established by the caretaker government.

At the conclusion of the session, representatives from various sectors, including cottage industry, the shoe market, plastic, transport, goods forwarding, heavy machinery, marble, steel, jewelry, grain market, furniture, education, mining, and others, presented their suggestions to Commissioner Chatta.

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