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Government Declares Nationwide Public Holiday on 9 November, Iqbal Day

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The federal government of Pakistan has officially announced that November 9th will be a public holiday to celebrate Iqbal Day. This decision is in honor of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a renowned philosopher, poet, and scholar, on his birthday.

Iqbal, often referred to as the “Sage of the East,” is a highly regarded figure in Pakistan’s history. His contributions to literature, philosophy, and the nation’s creation are celebrated on this day. It’s a time for the people of Pakistan to reflect on his enduring legacy and intellectual achievements.

Iqbal Day is culturally and historically significant, serving as an opportunity for citizens to appreciate his visionary ideas. The public holiday encourages various events, seminars, and activities that promote Iqbal’s ideals and philosophy, aiming to foster unity among the people of Pakistan.

This gesture is expected to inspire a deeper understanding of Iqbal’s work, emphasizing his impact on the nation’s identity and cultural heritage. Iqbal Day is a celebration of the creativity and scholarship that has influenced Pakistani history and continues to motivate future generations.

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