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Punjab Police Intensifies Crackdown on Kite-Flying: Stringent Measures Implemented

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In response to directives from Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, Punjab Police has escalated its crackdown on kite-flying and sales across the province, with a renewed focus on ensuring public safety. Registering cases and making arrests, law enforcement authorities are leaving no stone unturned in curbing this hazardous activity.

In Lahore alone, 29 kite-flyers have been apprehended, and a significant quantity of kites and chemical strings confiscated. The vigilant monitoring of high-rise buildings has led to the seizure of thousands of kites and dozens of chemical-laced strings in Khushab.

Raids on string-making factories in Faisalabad have resulted in the arrest of multiple individuals involved in this lethal business, along with the confiscation of machinery and raw materials. Similar operations in other areas, including Madanpura, Narowal, Mustafa Abad, and Mianwali, have yielded further arrests and seizures.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s expressed concerns over the tragic consequences of kite-flying accidents have spurred urgent action. Emphasizing the need for stringent enforcement of the law, she underscored the importance of not just registering cases but ensuring the perpetrators face appropriate consequences.

With the total number of arrests rising and a significant number of cases registered, Punjab Police’s efforts underscore their commitment to safeguarding public welfare and upholding law and order in the region.



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