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Glory Amidst Peaks: Gilgit-Baltistan’s Vibrant Pakistan Day Celebrations

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Residents of Gilgit-Baltistan, nestled amidst majestic snow-capped peaks, fervently marked Pakistan Day with unparalleled enthusiasm and spirit. Commencing the day with a resounding 21-gun salute, the region witnessed a stirring display of patriotism and pride.

Distinguished military and civil dignitaries, including Commander FCNA, graced a magnificent flag hoisting ceremony at Bab Gilgit, symbolizing the unwavering unity and strength of the nation. Against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, the Frontier Corps Northern Areas orchestrated an awe-inspiring firepower demonstration at Bunji and Sarfranga, showcasing the formidable defense capabilities of the Pakistan Army. Enthralled spectators marveled at the prowess of the displayed weaponry, instilling a profound sense of confidence in the nation’s security apparatus.

In a testament to the enduring spirit of nationalism, the Pakistan Army actively engaged the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan in an interactive program, fostering a deep-seated love for the country while commemorating the sacrifices of the security forces.

Throughout the day, echoes of patriotism reverberated across Gilgit-Baltistan as its resilient residents reaffirmed their unwavering allegiance to the nation, underscoring the indomitable spirit that characterizes Pakistan Day celebrations in the region.



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