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Punjab Police Announced Thousands of Constables Jobs

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The Punjab Police is gearing up for a significant boost in its workforce by initiating the recruitment of thousands of constables. A comprehensive proposal has been forwarded for cabinet approval, indicating the force’s intent to enlist 4,000 new constables. Dr. Usman Anwar, the Inspector General of Police, has already given the green light for these essential recruitments, emphasizing the imperative to address staffing requirements promptly.

The IG highlighted the pressing need for these new constables and confirmed the dispatch of a summary seeking approval from the provincial cabinet. Once sanctioned, the police department will swiftly proceed with advertising these positions, opening doors for aspiring candidates.

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Shifting gears to innovative strategies, the provincial police is proactively combating fuel shortages and aiming to curtail considerable expenses by embracing eco-friendly alternatives. Recent plans unveiled the intention to procure several hundred electric bikes, a move aimed at significantly reducing annual fuel costs. IG Punjab shared the ambitious vision of acquiring 200 e-bikes in the initial phase, allocating a substantial budget of Rs. 30 million for this purpose.

These initiatives mark a forward-thinking approach by the Punjab Police, signaling a commitment to both enhancing manpower and embracing sustainable solutions to operational challenges.


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