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Pakistan Seeks to Join BRICS and Maintain Trade with Russia

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Pakistan has officially asked to join BRICS, a group of large emerging countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This decision shows that Pakistan is getting closer to Russia and agrees with BRICS’s anti-Western stance. Pakistan has benefited from buying oil from Russia at a discount after the country invaded Ukraine, and it wants to trade more with Russia.

Jamali said that Pakistan would not support sanctions against Russia because they have helped Pakistan and Russia trade more. Pakistan’s imports from Russia went up by a lot in 2023, compared to the year before.

The ambassador also said that Pakistan is open to trying different ways to pay, like using the Russian Mir card system for electronic funds transfers and trading in national currencies. These changes could make it easier for Pakistan and Russia to trade and make their economies work better together.

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Russia is likely to support Pakistan’s request to join BRICS because the country has been trying to get more countries into the group. Adding Pakistan would make BRICS even more of a counterweight to the world order that is led by Western countries.

This development shows that Pakistan is taking a more independent approach to foreign policy while also looking for ways to trade with major powers. It is not yet clear how other BRICS members, especially India, which has been more careful about its ties with Russia in the past, will react to Pakistan’s application.


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