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Mohsin Naqvi Initiates Stringent Measures Against Energy Theft, Human Trafficking, and Illegal Financial Operations

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Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has taken decisive action against various criminal activities during a high-level meeting held in Islamabad. With a focus on combating electricity and gas theft nationwide, Minister Naqvi announced the formation of specialized teams tasked with crackdown operations.

Leading the legal charge, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been directed to spearhead actions against perpetrators involved in these illegal practices.

In addition to addressing energy theft, Minister Naqvi underscored the urgency of tackling human trafficking, emphasizing the need for swift and effective measures to curb this grave offense. Furthermore, he urged authorities to tighten the grip on individuals engaged in hundi/hawala operations, recognizing the detrimental impact of such illicit financial activities on the economy.

During the meeting, Minister Naqvi also addressed the tragic Greece boat accident, directing the FIA to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those accountable for the incident. Moreover, pending promotion cases of FIA officials were discussed, with Minister Naqvi advocating for expedited resolutions to ensure swift justice delivery.

By taking a firm stance against energy theft, human trafficking, and illegal financial operations, Minister Naqvi aims to safeguard both the welfare of citizens and the economic stability of the nation.



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