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First-ever virtual reality classes launched in Pakistan

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A groundbreaking educational milestone has been achieved as the Information Technology University of Lahore pioneers the introduction of virtual reality (VR) classes in Pakistan.

As the vanguard university in the nation to embrace the metaverse for educational purposes, Information Technology University is revolutionizing online learning by providing students with an immersive experience akin to traditional classrooms.

In this innovative setup, students and educators can seamlessly participate from any corner of the world simply by donning a VR headset. Equipped with projectors and interactive boards, the virtual classroom facilitates dynamic engagement and real-time interaction.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this initiative is the incorporation of students’ movements within the metaverse, adding an extra layer of realism to the learning environment. Testimonials from students affirm that the virtual classroom experience closely mirrors that of a physical classroom, thereby enhancing comprehension of course content.

Ibrahim Ghaznavi, Head of the Department of Computer Sciences, highlights the dual benefits of this initiative: energy conservation and enhanced academic performance. Recognizing the necessity of bridging the gap between virtual and physical learning environments, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative signifies a significant step forward in educational technology.

As part of a pioneering pilot project, the university has forged an agreement with the University of Denmark, showcasing global recognition of Pakistan’s advancements in educational innovation. Industry experts assert that with supportive legislation and strategic implementation of modern technologies, Pakistan can assert its prominence in the realm of education on the international stage.



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