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Malik Ahmad Khan Criticizes Arif Alvi’s Presidency, Expresses Confidence in Asif Ali Zardari’s Leadership

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Ahead of the presidential election, Punjab Assembly Speaker Malik Ahmad Khan voiced his confidence in PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari’s ability to lead with wisdom and understanding. Drawing a comparison with the tenure of former president Arif Alvi, Speaker Khan criticized Alvi’s handling of constitutional matters, citing actions that led to the dissolution of the assembly.

Khan emphasized his belief in Zardari’s capability to navigate the political landscape effectively, highlighting the expectation for impartiality and statesmanship in the presidential role. Reflecting on the previous presidency, he condemned Alvi’s tenure as “terrifying” due to alleged violations of the Constitution.

Expressing optimism about the future under Zardari’s leadership, Khan asserted that Zardari’s election would be a great success for the country and the nation. These remarks shed light on the expectations surrounding the upcoming presidency and its potential impact on the political landscape of the country.



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