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Government’s Approval of Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework Marks Milestone for Industry Growth

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The Federal Government has greenlit the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework (TISF) crafted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), marking a significant stride in telecom regulation, PTA announced on Thursday.

Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) and the telecom industry, this framework establishes a regulatory mechanism enabling licensees to equitably share both active and passive telecom infrastructure. PTA highlighted that this move aims to foster fair competition within the sector.

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This approval stands as a pivotal milestone for Pakistan’s telecom industry, poised to bring about substantial reductions in network deployment costs (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx). Ultimately, consumers are expected to reap the benefits through lowered prices and improved service quality.

The pressing need for telecom infrastructure sharing in Pakistan stems from various challenges, including inflation, dwindling Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), escalating fuel costs, revenue constraints, and the hefty demands for 4G and 5G expansion. The framework is envisioned to enable cost-effective nationwide coverage, especially in remote areas, and expedite the introduction of new services.

By highlighting its function as a stimulant for faster product launches and service expansion, the framework hopes to increase operator competition. It encourages a shift towards service differentiation and enhancing customer experiences by fostering innovation within the shared network infrastructure.

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PTA expressed gratitude towards MoITT for their support in shaping and endorsing this Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework. The Authority remains optimistic about the framework’s positive impact on Pakistan’s telecom landscape. It anticipates collaborative efforts toward its implementation, aligning with the nation’s aspirations to lead as a digital economy.

Telecom infrastructure sharing, in essence, refers to the collaborative utilization of telecom assets, aiming for enhanced resource optimization and efficiency.



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