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Angelina Jolie Criticizes Pakistan’s Deportation of Afghan Refugees

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On Monday, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie voiced her criticism of Pakistan’s recent decision to forcibly repatriate Afghan refugees, describing it as a “new tragedy” for the people of Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans have left Pakistan since September 2023 following Islamabad’s crackdown on illegal immigrants, prompted by increased terrorist attacks and an economic crisis.

Jolie, a well-known advocate for social issues with over 20 years of service to the UN Refugee Agency, expressed her sadness on Instagram, stating, “Pakistan has been a supporter for many Afghan refugee families for decades.” She lamented the abrupt expulsion of refugees facing the challenges of survival in today’s Afghanistan, where human rights, especially for women, have regressed, leading to a deep humanitarian crisis.

Describing the deportation as a concerning example of global human rights regression, Jolie emphasized the plight of Afghan people who have endured decades of war, conflict, and displacement. She criticized the world for abandoning promises made for a better future for the Afghan people.

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Pakistan has historically hosted millions of Afghan refugees, but its recent decision to expel illegal Afghans has strained its relations with Afghanistan. The Taliban-led government disputes Pakistan’s claims of Afghan nationals being involved in militant activities and organized crime within its borders.

International rights groups have called on Pakistan to ensure that the deportation of Afghan refugees is conducted voluntarily and safely. The situation underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan refugees who have endured decades of turmoil.

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