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10 Best Places to Visit in Karachi 2024 (Updated)

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Let us take you on a captivating tour of the “Ten Best Places to Visit In Karachi, Pakistan.” After reading this thorough guide, you will be itching to see Pakistan’s interior, which covers everything from historical sites to delicious cuisine. 

Rich History of Karachi

The historical city of Karachi reveals legends of mighty civilizations and antiquated marvels. Every step is a voyage through time, from the Land of Empires to the enigma of Ancient Wonders. Explore the Street Food Paradise and indulge in the variety of tastes that characterize Karachi’s food scene. Go from the bustling street markets to Fine Dining Experiences for a taste of luxury. Karachi is situated along Karachi Harbour, a naturally occurring harbor on the Arabian Sea, in the southern Pakistani province of Sindh.

Following are the 10 Best Places to Visit in Karachi:

  • Clifton Beach
  • Port Grand 
  • Mazar-e- Quaid
  • TDF Ghar 
  • Mohatta Palace
  • Masjid-e-Tooba
  • Chaukhandi Tombs 
  • Jinnah House Museum and Flag Staff House
  • Turtle Beach
  • Onerland and Bahria Enclave

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach could be the best choice to see genuine coastal beauty without paying thousands of rupees. 

Renowned for its coastal beauty, Clifton Beach is a centre for dining establishments and leisure pursuits. Visit Clifton Beach to enjoy the sunset or the nice sea breeze while exploring the seashells there. In addition to its natural beauty, the beach offers a wide range of recreational options, such as horseback riding, plastic plane flying, cliff diving, scuba diving, and camel rides. Additionally, you are welcome to stay in the neighborhood communities by the shore. The gated residential complex contains several Seaview units. Alternatively, you may book rooms at a city’s best 3- and 4-star hotels.

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Because of their location and amenities, these properties are regarded as some of the best in the city. Along the Clifton beachfront, some other flats and villas are gaining popularity.

 The hub dam is in Balochistan’s Lasbela and Sindh’s Karachi districts. The Hub River is where the dam is being built. In Pakistan, dams serve as ideal holiday destinations for the inhabitants and provide water and energy. Explore Pakistan’s deserts if you’re an adventurous person.

Port Grand

Port Grand

Port Grand is regarded as Karachi’s centre of entertainment. Port Grand provides everything from fine dining establishments to cafes and excellent movie theatres. It features a one-kilometre bridge with additional kiosks and a culinary street. This eatery serves a wide variety of desi and non-desi cuisine. A lunch costs between 3 and 4 dollars (Rs. 300 and 600). Top eateries in Karachi offer their patrons steaming hot cuisine.

Go to Port Grand with your loved ones and enjoy hearty, delicious meals while enjoying the stunning view of Karachi’s famed food. Aside from the cuisine, the location is incredibly gorgeous, earning it a reputation as one of Karachi’s most gorgeous places.

Mazar-e- Quaid

Mazar-e- Quaid

The founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is buried in Karachi. The Jinnah Mausoleum, commonly called Mazar-e-Quaid, is one of Karachi’s most popular tourist destinations. 

The mausoleum’s design and construction were finished in 1971, having begun in 1960. One of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations is the mausoleum, a well-known landmark in Karachi. The mausoleum also houses the tombs of Liaquat Ali Khan, Nurul Amin, Fatima Jinnah, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, and Jinnah’s sister, Māder-e Millat, also known as the “Mother of the Nation.”

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The public can visit the Mazar-e-Quaid. Please pay your respects to Pakistan’s heroes by travelling to Mazar. Pakistan is home to countless reasonably priced and entertaining families.

TDF Ghar

TDF Ghar

The Dawood Foundation refurbished a house from the 1930s while preserving Karachi’s history and legacy (Ghar in Urdu). TDF Ghar is available to the public to encourage unofficial learning environments in Karachi. People can gather on this platform to exchange their cultures with others of different ethnicities.

This city is honored by TDF Ghar. In the center of the historic Jamshed Quarters of Karachi, Hajiani Hanifa Bai’s 1930s house is a magical haven with unique hand-crafted tiles and a view of the Mazar-e-Quaid. The house has been converted into a public area while keeping its historical elements, allowing visitors to experience the genuine essence of this once cosmopolitan metropolis.

“The Living Room,” a wonderful museum with original furnishings and restored antiques, will enchant tourists with its captivating antiques. The Training Room’s sound system and projector are perfect for small events, interviews, workshops, and presentations. On the top level of TDF Ghar, three Numaish Halls serve as vacant multipurpose venues for presentations, workshops, big gatherings, film screenings, and exhibitions. On the top level of TDF Ghar, three Numaish Halls serve as vacant multipurpose venues for presentations, workshops, big gatherings, film screenings, and exhibitions. The rooftop of TDF Ghar, which features handmade antique Jamsheed Nusserwanji tiles and offers a breathtaking view of Mazar-e-Quaid, is worth seeing.

Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace

In the center of Karachi stands the magnificent Mohatta Palace. Built-in 1927 in the affluent seaside community of Clifton, the mansion was designed by Agha Ahmed Hussain. It used to be the vacation residence of Shivratan Mohatta, a well-known Hindu industrialist. The physicians recommended he take his sick wife close to the sea, so he built the palace for her.

Using a blend of local yellow stone from neighboring Gizri and pink Jodhpur stone, the palace was constructed like Rajasthani stone palaces. Fatima Jinnah received the Mohatta palace following the division. Her final years were spent in this palace. To put it briefly, Mohatta Palace has political and historical origins. The palace is now owned by the state and is used as a museum. 

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It is quite an amazing sight, the building’s magnificent architecture. Large gardens and corner tomb structures set the buildings apart from the others. Visit Mohatta Palace to witness an exact representation of modern Mughal architecture and art. 


Maji de-Tooba

The Masjid-e-Tooba, sometimes called the “Gol Masijd” in the locality, is uniquely exquisite in Phase 02 of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in Karachi. Established in 1969, this charming mosque is located in DHA, Karachi. It’s just off of the main Korangi road. White marble was used in the construction of this mosque. The nearly 65-meter-diameter dome rests on a modest surrounding wall without any central pillars. There is only one minaret at the 37-meter-tall Tooba Mosque. The main prayer hall at Masjid-e-Tooba can accommodate up to 5000 people.

That was created with audibility in mind. It is possible to hear someone speaking on one side of the dome while standing on the other. Pakistani architect Dr Babar Hamid Chauhan was responsible for the design and architecture of the mosques.

The mosque’s remarkable beauty is all the more refined since it lacks ornate creativity. Every mirror in the mosque’s interior is elegantly and simply designed. A verdant lawn is outside to create space for guests to stroll around and appreciate its beauty by repeatedly chanting Subhan’Allah. It is a magnificently decorated masjid that is an important representation of Islamic culture.

Chaukhandi Tombs

Chaukhandi Tombs

The Chaukhandi tombs are historic monuments in Pakistan’s Sindh region, situated 29 km (18 mi) east of Karachi. The distinctive sand architecture of the graves has made them famous.

Known as the Jokhio tribe’s family graveyard, the tombs are credited to the Jokhio. Most were constructed in the 15th and 18th centuries during the Mughal Empire. The sandstone used to build the graves has a buff hue. Tombs were built as groups of up to eight burials elevated on a common platform or as solitary graves.

This location is ideal for you if you have an eye for historic buildings and distinctive architecture. The morning is the ideal time to explore the location because of the exquisite details and carvings on the tombs. 

Jinnah House Museum and Flag Staff House

Jinnah House Museum and Flag Staff House

None other than Quaid-e-Azam himself took the initiative to build the Jinnah House, formerly called the Flag Staff House. His sister, Fatima Ali Jinnah, remained in the house until 1964 after his death.

The mansion was renovated in 1985 as a museum honoring Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s life after years of neglect by the government. The expansive home has dining rooms, study areas, and bedrooms—all of which still have original furniture. Additionally, the historic tower has been well-preserved. It was the home of Pakistan’s founder and her sister. In addition to the free guided tour, there is no admission charge. 

The museum does not allow photography. The antique autos the founder’s sister used are displayed outside the museum.

Witnessing the reconditioned vehicles that Quaid e Azam continued to utilize was fascinating. Beautifully furnished home showcasing the charismatic personality of one of the world’s most renowned leaders, complete with artistic furniture, exquisite lights, and exquisite tableware. An essential destination in Karachi

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach

A trip to Turtle Beach is yet another fantastic way to spend a wonderful day on your visit to Karachi. Some rarest turtle species, such as Olive Ridley and Green Sea turtles, use it as a nesting site. Hundreds of turtles lay their eggs on the beach each year. 

The beach offers a variety of activities in addition to turtle watching. You may spend a lovely day with your loved ones at one of the beach’s many picnic areas. This is the place to go if you love to be active recreationally. Jet skiing, fishing, and speed boating are available. At the beach, you can also take horse and camel rides.

Onerland and Bahria Enclave

Onerland and Bahria Enclave

Many kids and families enjoy adventure rides because they provide an adrenaline rush. They also have a great time. If you’re searching for nearby attractions in Karachi, Onderland is a fantastic location in Lucky One Mall with amazing rides.

It is regarded as one of Karachi’s most popular hotspots. This location is particularly fantastic since it offers rides for your kids and is a fantastic place to buy.

Aside from this, Bahria Journey Land offers a full-fledged journey with enormous rides and a large roller coaster if you’re willing to go above and beyond—literally, in this case.

This enormous park has many modern rides, including roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and free.


Now that we’ve covered the “10 Best Places to Visit in Karachi,” we encourage you to explore the city’s rich diversity. With its historical sites, cultural treasures, and contemporary attractions, Karachi offers a trip beyond the typical. Arrange your trip, contact the locals, and watch as Karachi’s wonders reveal themselves to you.



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