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Top 8 Best Places to visit in Gujrat 2024

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Gujrat is a city in Pakistan’s northeastern region of Punjab. The Grand Trunk Road connects the city, which is located immediately north of the Chenab River, to Peshawar and Lahore. The modern city grew up around the fort built in 1580 by Mughal Emperor Akbar, which is located on the site of several earlier settlements.

For those who want to travel off the main road, Gujrat provides a unique experience because of its rich history, diversified culture, and stunning landscapes. These are the top ten attractions in Gujrat, Pakistan, ranging from lively bazaars to historic archaeological sites.

Following are the places to visit on your trip to Gujrat.

  • Rohtas Fort
  • Gujrat Green Valley Park
  • Fun Dunya
  • Katas Raj
  • Hiran Minar
  • Loaf & Leaf Signature Cuisine
  • Masjid Gulzar-e- Madina 
  • Darbar-e Shahdola

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort, which lies tucked away in the Margalla Hills, is a magnificent example of Mughal architecture. Constructed in the 16th century by the Afghan monarch Sher Shah Suri, this UNESCO World Heritage Site provides stunning vistas and an insight into Pakistan’s past.

At Rohtas, a key location in the north of what is now Pakistan, Sher Shah Suri constructed a robust walled complex after defeating the Mughal emperor Humayun in 1541.

 It has withstood storms and remained intact to the present. The huge walls, which stretch over 4 kilometers and are dotted with strongholds and massive entrances, make up the major fortifications. One of the best examples of early Muslim military construction in Central and South Asia is Rohtas Fort, also known as Qila Rohtas.

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The paradigm for Mughal architecture and its later modifications and adaptations is Rohtas Fort, which combines the artistic and architectural traditions of the Indian subcontinent and Turkey. It is a superb illustration of 16th-century Muslim military construction in central and south Asia. Rohtas Fort’s primary historic elements are true to shape, context, and materials. The majority of these elements and components have a respectable level of physical conservation.

However, the fortress wall has crumbled in certain areas, and development has disrupted the fort’s original drainage system, endangering the monument.

Gujrat Green Valley Park

Gujrat Green Valley Park

Gujrat Green Valley Park provides a tranquil haven from the daily grind, situated in the center of the state. It is a beautiful and picturesque park. With its abundant vegetation, immaculate landscapes, and range of recreational opportunities, the park promises to be fun for both people and families. 

The atmosphere of the park is incredibly alluring, showcasing a tasteful fusion of smart landscaping and the beauty of nature. Large lawns, vibrant flowerbeds, and towering trees offer a tranquil setting that’s perfect for strolls, picnics, or just relaxing in the embrace of nature. Gujrat Green Valley Park offers a variety of facilities to suit the needs of guests of all ages.

 With kid-friendly playgrounds and outdoor areas for sports and entertainment, the park makes sure there’s never a dull moment. Boating is another activity that visitors may enjoy in the tranquil lake, giving them a chance to unwind and take in the beauty of the surroundings from the water.

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The park’s varied flora and fauna will satisfy nature lovers. Many bird species may be found in the park, and for those who enjoy it, birding is a fun pastime. Nature lovers will find paradise in the park’s botanical garden, which features an extensive array of plants and flowers.

Fun Dunya

Children and young adults love Fun Dunya Gujranwala because it offers an abundance of rides that allow them to experience maximum enjoyment. This is a fantastic Gujranwala tourist destination. When you happen to be in this city, be sure to stop by this location. Fun Dunya is conveniently located on Main G.T. Road and has a wide range of rides and activities suitable for all age groups. 

This park has something for everyone, from exhilarating roller coasters and water rides to more relaxed activities like bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. It’s a full entertainment package because, in addition to the rides, there are many food vendors and stores with souvenirs and other goods.

Fun Dunya is a must-visit location that promises to give a thrilling and unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you’re a local or a visitor. So get your company together and come enjoy a fun-filled journey at this amusement park.

While admission to Fun Dunya Gujranwala is free, there is a fee for other items, including food, entertainment, and play areas. 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM is when Fun Dunya Gujranwala is open. If you are planning a trip to Gujranwala and would like to see Fun Dunya Gujranwala, you can discover evaluations and opinions from the general public here. This page allows you to compare Fun Dunya Gujranwala with other Gujranwala attractions.

Katas Raj

The Hindu Shahis (kings) who ruled from roughly 615 to 950 CE are credited with building the Katas Raj Temples at Chakwal, which are also popular tourist destinations in Gujrat. The temples are devoted to Lord Shiva and are located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Since they are still in use today by both domestic and foreign Hindu pilgrims, they rank among the most significant Hindu pilgrimage sites in Pakistan. 

 Although the earliest of the smaller temples dates to the later part of the 6th century AD, they were constructed approximately 900 years ago and are arranged in pairs around the bigger central temple. Hindus left the complex of temples empty. Shiva is said to have spent the years of his marriage with Satihere. Following Sati’s passing, Shiva is said to have become distraught, and a pond was created from his tears.

Hindu belief is that washing in the pond, especially on specific days, results in the forgiveness of sins and aids in achieving salvation. Therefore, pilgrims bathe in the sacred pool and ask for forgiveness. It was thought that the pond had an infinite depth until recently. Worshippers from various branches of Hinduism still travel to the mandir today.

Hiran Minar Tomb Archaeology and Museum

Hinar Minar, constructed in 1606 A.D. on the orders of Emperor Jahangir,was erected in honor of his beloved pet antelope, Mansraj, In his Tuzk, Jahangir states that in 1051 A.H. 1606, over the burial of an antelope named Mansraj, a minaret was erected by his command close to Jahangir Pur (present-day Sheikhupura).

It’s a four-story brick structure that is enormous, huge, and tall—the top story is missing. The current height is forty-six feet. The lowest floor, or basement, has a beautifully paneled interior with an octagonal design, with each side measuring 13′-3″. .. The final three levels are round. Each floor features a modest light aperture, and the third story has a little octagonal area where guests can relax.

Loaf & Leaf Signature Cusine

Loaf n Leaf Signature Cuisine - Top Restaurants in Pakistan

This modern restaurant is located in a gated complex with lovely surrounding gardens. It also strives hard and succeeds in being much above average for Gujrat City. Here at this eatery, everyone enjoys a wonderful time! As usual, the service is impeccable, and the food is consistently great. 

Masjid Gulzar-e Madina

Main gate jamia masjid gulzar e madina persowal gujrat pak… | Flickr

Masjid Gulzar-e-Madina stands as one of the most exquisite and immaculate mosques in the city of Gujrat. It holds a place of reverence in my routine, where one can find solace in offering prayers within its stunning confines, adorned with an abundance of Tabarqaat from Mecca and Madina.

Beyond its role as a place of worship, Masjid Gulzar-e-Madina serves as a noteworthy nonprofit welfare organization. Its philanthropic efforts are evident in the provision of financial assistance to hundreds of individuals, exemplifying a commitment to humanitarian endeavours within the community. The mosque’s impact extends further through the daily provision of meals in various Pakistani cities, reaching a significant number of beneficiaries.

Moreover, Masjid Gulzar-e-Madina’s philanthropic endeavours include the biannual distribution of brand-new clothing, a commendable initiative that benefits numerous families. Under its auspices, the mosque annually produces approximately 100 Hafiz-a-Quran, reflecting a dedication to fostering religious education and spiritual growth.

The mosque not only serves as a spiritual haven but also as an exemplar of benevolence, contributing positively to societal well-being through its unwavering commitment to charitable causes.

Darba-e Shah Dola

imran on X: "*Wanderings in #Gujrat* ___ Shrine of Hazrat Syed Kabiruddin  Shah Daula Daryai The name Shah Daula, dear reader, goes far beyond the  patron saint of a shrine linked to

The Christian calendar dates Shah Dola birth to the second half of the sixteenth century. Shah Dola looked after wild animals. The Mice of Shah Daulah talks about people’s blind faith and cultural divides. It describes a woman who offers up her firstborn as a sacrifice. Another tale—license—makes us consider women’s standing at the time. Daula lost his right middle finger while laboring for the saint.

Shah Dola relocated to the Sialkot suburbs from the saint’s shrine. Throughout his ten-year reign, Shah Dola built numerous mosques, tanks, and—most importantly—a bridge across the Nala Aik. He also gained notoriety and power.


Gujrat, Pakistan, is a place where culture, history, and scenic beauty all coexist harmoniously. The Minar was erected in 1606 A.D. on the orders of Emperor Jahangir in honor of his beloved pet antelope, Mansraj. Explore Gujrat’s hidden gems by going off the usual route. This is a place where the past and present come together to produce an absolutely amazing experience.



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