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Action to be taken against building owners violating parking rules

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The Punjab government has taken strict action against building owners violating parking rules. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, a meeting of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) was convened, attended by Provincial Minister for Municipalities and Information, Amir Mehmood, Provincial Advisor for Sports Wahab Riaz, secretaries of housing, finance, municipalities, construction, and transportation, along with board members of the LDA authority.

The meeting resulted in a decision to impose hefty penalties on those flouting parking agreement regulations. Individuals violating parking agreements will face a penalty of 0.5% of the DC property rate, while building owners who fail to open parking spaces within the specified period will be fined Rs. 10,000 per canal.

The Chief Minister also approved amendments to the LDA’s Building and Zoning Regulations to enforce parking agreements.

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Additionally, fundamental approval was granted for constructing U-turns and slip roads at seven intersections to address traffic issues in Lahore. Temporary trials will precede final approvals, and temporary barriers will be installed to monitor traffic flow.

Camps will be set up for the permanent removal of encroachments. At the same time, projects for protected U-turns between Canal Road, Harbanspura, and Jallo will move forward to reduce temporary encroachments in 32 administrative areas and enhance road infrastructure in 26 locations.

Furthermore, measures were sanctioned during the meeting to promote hockey by delegating the Johar Town Hockey Stadium management to private entities and forming promotion committees for cricket.

The government also decided to levy fines on the illegal commercial use of land within the Lahore Development Authority’s jurisdiction, specifically addressing Lahore Global Village Leaseholders.

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Additionally, the Chief Minister authorized consultancy services for commercializing nine roads in Lahore and amendments to the LDA Use of Land Rules 2020 to permit petrol pumps and freight terminals in the transportation zone.

These decisions reflect efforts to streamline parking regulations, address traffic concerns, and enhance sports facilities while cracking down on illegal land use in Punjab.


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