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Zong 4G Introduces Exclusive Roaming Bundles for Azerbaijan Travelers

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Zong 4G, Pakistan’s premier telecommunications network, unveils a cutting-edge range of International Roaming Bundles tailored specifically for individuals journeying to Azerbaijan. Underlining its commitment to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions, Zong 4G aims to keep customers seamlessly connected during their international travels.

These meticulously crafted bundles cater to the diverse needs of Zong 4G customers heading to Azerbaijan. Whether it’s staying connected with loved ones or ensuring robust connectivity for work and business, Zong 4G offers flexible options spanning 15 to 45 days, all at highly competitive prices.

The latest offer features a lineup of “Voice and Data IR Bundles,” providing a spectrum of choices. Starting from 30 minutes, 30 SMS, and 1 GB of data for just PKR 1000 + tax, the options extend to 90 minutes, 90 SMS, and 5 GB of data for an affordable price of PKR 3000 + tax. For those with data-intensive needs, Zong 4G introduces “Data Bundles” of 1, 3, and 5 GBs priced at PKR 500, 1500, and 2000 + tax, respectively, spanning durations of 15, 30, and 45 days.

Bundle TypeDetailsPrice (PKR) + Tax
Voice and Data IR Bundles30 minutes, 30 SMS, 1 GB data1000
Voice and Data IR Bundles90 minutes, 90 SMS, 5 GB data3000
Data Bundles1 GB data, valid for 15 days500
Data Bundles3 GB data, valid for 30 days1500
Data Bundles5 GB data, valid for 45 days2000

These bundles offer a variety of choices to cater to different user preferences and requirements for international roaming in Azerbaijan.

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The official spokesperson of Zong 4G expressed, “Our commitment to customer-centric innovation drives the introduction of these International Roaming bundles for Azerbaijan. Recognizing the importance of staying connected while traveling, these offerings are designed to make international communication more affordable and convenient.”

Activation of any IR Prepaid Bundles for Azerbaijan is streamlined through the user-friendly My Zong App or by dialing *4255# and selecting the desired package. With user-friendly activation and competitive pricing, Zong 4G reaffirms its industry leadership by consistently delivering exceptional value to its customers.

Stay connected, stay productive, and enjoy uninterrupted communication with Zong 4G’s International Roaming Bundles tailored for Azerbaijan. For further details and updates, visit Zong 4G’s official website at www.zong.com.pk or contact Zong 4G’s helpline at 310.



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