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WhatsApp’s Next Big Thing: Multiple Profiles for Varied Connections

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WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to its platform, and the latest development reported by the WABetaInfo team is the ability to create multiple user profiles on a single account. With this feature, users can have separate profiles for different groups of contacts, such as friends and office colleagues, all within a single WhatsApp account.

This allows you to control what information and profile details are visible to each group. You can even set a different profile photo for each profile.

The feature is still in development and is not available to beta testers yet. It will go through closed beta testing before becoming available to the public.

This comes on the heels of WhatsApp’s recent introduction of account switching, which allows multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone, eliminating the need for workarounds like app cloning or secondary phones for accessing different accounts. Stay tuned for updates on when this feature will roll out to the public version of WhatsApp.

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